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  • Maisonettes & Apartments

Location: New Nafplio (overlooking the sea and bonito)



  • Industrial Building

Industrial Bulding of 3.000 sq.m with 1.000 sq.m of parking space.

City of:Argos                              Region:Fistikies                           Street:Fistikies (1st km of National Road Argos-korinthos )

Year of development  1995


  • Student halls and Shops

Student apartments of 120 sq.m, Shop with 120 sq.m area and basement of 120 sq.m

City of:Patras                             Region:Zarouxleika                              Street:Aulidos 43 A

Year of development  2005



  • 3-Bedroom Appartment

City of:  Patras                Region:  Neapoli
Street: Fineos 3    

Year of development  1990



  • Student Halls

Student apartments of 30 sq.m and 45 sq,m

Cityof:Patras                                                 Region:Anthoypoli                                            Street:Grebenon 36

Year of development  2001


  • Student Halls

Student apartments of 30 sq.m and 45 sq,m

City of:Patras                                                 Region:Zablani                                                Street:Naupliou 21                  

Year of development  2002



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